Botox© is a simple, non-surgical, physician administered injection that can temporarily smooth moderate to severe frown lines between the brows. The effects are localized and do not affect your ability to smile, laugh, or otherwise show expression.


Botox© is administered with an extremely fine needle directly into the targeted facial muscle. The protein then blocks the transmission from the nerve ending to the targeted muscle. As a result, the treated muscle relaxes and the dynamic wrinkle is softened. This effect generally lasts from two to six months and results may vary.


Botox© is now widely used by physicians throughout the United States to control or reduce facial dynamic wrinkles. Administration of Botox© is a relatively pain-free procedure, and an ideal treatment for those patients who wish to avoid significant invasive surgery or want to minimize their time away from work or other responsibilities.




Chemical Resurfacing (also known as a Chemical Peel) removes the top layers of the skin, creating a healthier, more youthful appearance. As not all skin is the same, not every peel is right for every type of skin. Restorations utilizes a variety of treatments, from lighter peels that require no downtime, to peels that offer much deeper and more dramatic results, but require some healing time.

We will develop a customized resurfacing treatment for your particular skin condition. This may involve a combination of peel types or different strengths to better meet your skin’s needs. Before scheduling your chemical peel, the skin must first be evaluated and prepped with a customized skin care program in order to achieve the maximum resurfacing benefits.

Chemical peel treatments can treat many different skin problems. Your symptoms and skin type are the deciding factor in which chemical peel concentration with which you will be treated. Chemical peel formulas range from deep to light. As the name suggests, light chemical peels — formulated with beta-hydroxy acids and alpha-hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, fruit acid — are used to remedy less severe symptoms, such as:

  • Rough, dry skin
  • Dull complexion
  • Poor skin texture
  • Acne superficial blemishes

Deep peels like TCA treat more sever skin problems, including:

  • Corase facial wrinkles or scars, deep lines
  • Areas of blotchy or sun-damaged skin, freckles
  • Pre-cancerous growths
  • Superficial blemishes
  • Pigment problems

What to Expect

Both light and deep chemical peels are performed in an office setting. Deep chemical peels can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour, and the light peel takes as little as 15 minutes. The skin is thoroughly cleansed before the chemical peel begins. The solution is then carefully applied to the areas to be treated; during this time you may feel a stinging or warm sensation. Your physician allows the peel to penetrate for a specified time before the procedure is complete.


Sun block is also important to remember after you have received a light peel, however, aftercare is otherwise very easy after a light peel. You can return to your normal routine immediately after treatment. More aftercare is required for the deep chemical than for the light peel. With a deep peel, you may need to arrange for assistance during the initial stages of recovery, and limit activities as necessary. A crust or scab will form on the treated area, and then new skin will begin to from within 1 week. It is important that you use sun block regularly any time you go outside.


Designed for clients age 30 and up, the SWICH is a chemical treatment that forces the skin to repair from the inside out without damage at the surface. This means no peeling or downtime! Your skin literally begins to act as if it were 10 -15 years younger! Contraindications:

  • Allergy to aspirin or salicylates
  • Allergy to citric acid of any kind: oranges, lemons, grapefruit, etc
  • Anyone who says they are “highly allergic”
  • Pregnant or trying to become pregnant
  • Use of Accutane less than one year ago
  • Use of antibiotics (topical or systemic)
  • Laser surgery within the last 12 weeks
  • Using glycolic acid products, Retin A, or Renova in the last 10 days

Circadia’s in-clinic professional treatment, SWiCH, is a 21st century dermal rejuvenation skin miracle that has been proven to “turn on” the cell’s own energy mechanisms to help reverse or slow down cell damage. Optimal results are based on 12 months on 3 months off and home care products that work specifically with treatment. Maintenance facials are recommended during 3 months off.


Collagen Induction Therapy, also called Micro-needling, is one of the most popular and effective skin-care treatment alternatives to laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, chemical peeling as well as other aesthetic procedures.

When passed over the skin, the micro-needles create tiny, evenly-spaced channels on the skin. Another way to look at this treatment is we are creating controlled dermal damage to certain areas on the skin making tiny dot-like injury patterns, leaving the other areas of the skin perfectly intact; hence only causing “fractional” damage. This allows the skin to heal much faster than if we treated the entire area. During the body’s natural wound-healing process, collagen and elastin are regenerated (collagen inducing therapy). This results in thicker, plumper skin, just like when you were younger. For scaring, when new elastin is produced, the tight bands of scar tissue become more flexible. Collagen Induction Therapy can be performed on the face and/or body.

Collagen Induction Therapy is known to be beneficial for:

  • Wrinkles and lax skin
  • UV damage
  • Scarring
  • Stretch marks
  • Rosacea


Dermal fillers are non-Surgical, physician administered filler to replace lost volume and restore youthful contours to the skin.

JUVEDERM™ XC is a non-surgical hyaluronic acid filler FDA-approved to instantly smooth moderate to severe wrinkles around your nose and mouth for up to one year with optimal treatment. JUVEDERM® XC is injected into the skin using a fine needle to temporarily fill in the treatment area and smooth moderate to severe facial wrinkles such as parentheses (smile) lines and marionette lines.

JUVEDERM VOLUMA™ XC is the first and only FDA-approved injectable gel to instantly add volume to the cheek area to correct age-related volume loss. As you age, it’s not just about lines and wrinkles. Your cheeks can also lose volume, or fullness, and skin may begin to sag. JUVEDERM VOLUMA™ XC can help temporarily reverse this sign of aging. The smooth gel is injected into the cheek area to restore volume lost to aging in people over the age of 21. This gives you an instant lift with natural looking results that can last up to two years with optimal treatment.


Dermaplane, also referred to as Blading, is an exfoliation procedure designed to smooth appearance, eliminate fine lines, and reduce acne scarring. The innovative technique carefully removes the top layers of the tissue, ridding the face of the dead skin and ‘peach fuzz’ that can trap in dirt and oils. The procedure will allow for new skin to appear, brightening the complexion.

No pretreatment is required before Epidermal Leveling. Perfect for a last minute procedure, dramatic results can be seen immediately after the first treatment. No chemicals are used during the Epidermal Leveling procedure making is suitable for every skin type and tone, even darker complexions. It is gentle and safe for pregnant or nursing patients. In an afternoon, the face can take on a healthy, glowing appearance without the cost or recovery time associated with other more invasive procedures. A non-invasive treatment using a surgical blade, removes peach fuzz as well as dead skin cells. No down-time!


Clinical Facials, unlike spa facials, are medical-grade treatments that use the basics of a traditional facial with the added benefits of prescription strength products. The difference is:

  • strength
  • aggressiveness
  • knowledge

To promote optimal skin health, clinical facials should be performed every 4 to 6 weeks since the skin sheds itself every 28 to 30 days.


Restorations Medical Spa utilizes a system of pulsed light to safely and effectively remove hair at its source. Pulsed-light systems work by emitting pulses of intense lamplight into the hair follicles. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the follicles and converted to heat. The heat then loosens the hair and disables the cells responsible for growing new hair.

Traditional waxing and threading treatments, which essentially rip the hair from the skin, can be quite painful. Most people, however, find pulsed-light treatments to be significantly more comfortable. In addition, since the pulses of light penetrate the skin, you do not need to let your hair grow out before you are treated. With pulsed-light treatments, you can remain virtually hair-free all the time!


If you’ve dieted and exercised and still keep carrying around excess weight, our customized HCG Weight Loss Program could help you finally lose the weight and keep it off for good. 

If you have at least 15 pounds to lose, our HCG weight loss program could help you reach your goal both safely and quickly. Many of our patients lose between 15-30 pounds with each HCG cycle until they reach their ideal weight. Each round of HCG lasts 43 days. Initially, we’ll perform lab work on you, which is reviewed by one of our doctors prior to starting the program to ensure that you are a healthy, ideal candidate for the program. 

A typical HCG diet plan will incorporate a version of the original HCG diet protocol developed by Doctor ATW Simeons in the 1950’s, which includes daily injections of HCG hormones coupled with a low calorie diet of lean protein and fresh vegetables. Restorations uses only the highest quality HCG for their diet programs. Pharmaceutical grade HCG is safe for use by both men and women and is unlike any other HCG supplement that you can purchase over the counter or online.

Some of the many benefits of losing weight with an HCG diet include:

Fast Results

While diligently following the low calorie diet recommended for you, the daily HCG doses prevent your body from going into starvation mode by breaking down body fat for nutrients needed to preserve energy levels. For this reason most patients do not experience the negative side effects of hunger while they watch the weight fall off them at a rapid pace.

Extensive Support System

Our certified staff at Restorations offer counseling and support throughout the process of an HCG diet program. They ensure that each patient is equipped with the support and education they need to achieve success.

High Success Rate

Restorations Medical Spa has years of experience treating NE Oklahoma area residents with their HCG diet plan with a success rate of almost 90%.

Reduced Hunger

A typical HCG diet plan will consist of a low calorie diet, with some patients eating as few as 500 calories per day. The benefit of using HCG in conjunction with such a strict meal plan is that HCG instigates the metabolizing of body fat to supplement the low daily caloric intake, simultaneously cutting body fat while preventing the negative side effects of hunger or protein deficiency which could cause muscle atrophy.

The Restorations Medical Spa HCG diet plan teaches patients to make healthier food choices for their entire lives, not just for the duration of the diet. After the diet is completed most patients are able to maintain their weight loss results by implementing their new-found eating habits, making healthy food choices and staying active.

A typical HCG diet plan offered by Restorations Medical Spa will include:

  • Free consultation
  • Daily HCG hormone injections
  • A specially formulated diet
  • Support from a multidisciplinary staff of professionals
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Medical supervision
  • Post-diet follow-up plan for maintenance and sustainability


Laser Resurfacing is a skin treatment designed to repair wrinkles, scars, irregular pigmentation, uneven texture, and other skin issues. 

A short, concentrated beam of pulse light is directed over desired areas, causing a breakdown and then renewal of cells. Results vary due to skin type and type of issue being corrected. Most people see a difference after one treatment. 

Laser Resurfacing can also be combined with other treatments. Our trained and certified staff can help you determine if this treatment is right for you and your goals.


Microdermabrasion is the most natural non-invasive skin resurfacing process available today. The popularity of the Microdermabrasion technique for skin rejuvenation is due to its simplicity, effectiveness and safety.

A diamond tip, non-invasive and non-surgical procedure that removes dead skin cells to reveal a fresh complexion. No down time!


The Pellevé System safely and effectively treats facial wrinkles with virtually no pain and no downtime. In fact, patients who have had a Pellevé treatment say it feels like a warm facial massage.
The Pellevé treatment can:

  • Be performed in less than an hour
  • Create visible results that start to be noticeable right away
  • Provide results that last

The Pellevé System offers a different type of experience; a more pleasant and more natural one, with results you can feel good about.
The Pellevé System delivers constant, gradual radiofrequency energy deeply into the skin, causing heat to build up where the skin and fat layer meet. The increasing heat modifies the collagen bundles deep in the skin, causing contraction and stimulating the growth of new collagen over time. The result: tighter*, younger looking skin. You can feel the Pellevé difference. The Pellevé treatment is virtually painless and generally quite pleasurable, unlike many other energy based procedures. It is a very comfortable skin tightening treatment that takes less than an hour. You can go back to work and resume your normal routine right away, and no one will know you have had anything done. You will appear more radiant!


Permanent Makeup is an affordable way to enhance facial features. It is a state-of-the-art procedure that is medically proven. This cosmetic technique deposits micro insertions of natural, non-iron oxide pigment into the dermal layer of the skin.

Permanent Makeup is commonly applied to these areas:

  • Eyebrows
  • Eyeliner
  • Lip Liner and Full Lip Color
  • Hair Strokes

The process includes:

  • Initial consultation (if needed)
  • Application of the pigment and instructions for home care
  • One (or more if needed) follow-up visits for adjusting shape, color, or pigment density


Who is a good candidate for permanent makeup?

  • Busy, active women who want to look good and save time
  • Women who cannot see clearly to apply make-up
  • Individuals with eyebrow or eyelash hair loss from illness or Alopecia
  • People who live an active lifestyle (swimming, exercising, being outside)

Is the procedure painful?

Depending on the person, topical anesthetics are used to minimize discomfort.

Is there a choice of colors?

Absolutely! There is a broad range of colors from which to choose or bring your own lip liner/color and we will match it!

How long will the procedure take?

The actual procedure time is approximately 30-45 minutes. However, please allow about 30 minutes to an hour extra to include preliminaries, such as establishing a design that will fit your face symmetry and creating the individual color formula.

How long is the recovery period?

There will be mild swelling and redness accompanying the procedure, which will subside quickly. You may resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. Complete healing takes one to six weeks while the pigmentation matures and reaches final color.

Do I need to take time off from work?

Some people do, but it is not necessary.

May I have more than one application of permanent makeup?

There is no limit to the amount of times you can have permanent makeup applied.

How long will the Permanent Makeup last?

Permanent Makeup will soften in saturation with time. The rate of the fading is determined by your skin (oily or dry), exfoliating agents, the sun, the original depth of implant, type of pigment, etc. We recommend a touch-up (also known as a “color boost” or “retouch”) every few years.

What about allergic reactions?

Allergic reactions to pigment are uncommon; however a patch test can be done prior to the procedure. Keep in mind, allergies can develop at any time. A popular reason for getting Permanent Makeup is the allergies to cosmetics.


What is Photofacial?

This 30-minute procedure, performed by trained medical professionals, uses a machine which emits intense pulses of light that penetrate to all levels of skin, causing collagen and blood vessels beneath the epidermis to constrict. The regimen calls for a series of light treatments at three-week intervals. Minor discomfort, described as similar to the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin may be felt during treatment. Redness following the treatment lasts less than 24 hours for most people (in rare cases, no longer than three days). Visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles occurs gradually, over the span of a few weeks following treatment.

Photofacials are especially good for fine lines, particularly around the eyes and mouth, shallow acne scars, age spots, broken blood vessels, Rosacea and sun damage. This procedure is thought to reduce the appearance of large pores and dark circles around the eyes, and is especially effective in reducing chronic facial redness. It also can be used to treat sun damage and weathered areas on the neck, arms and chest, as well as the back of hands. Although not a substitute for a true face-lift, your skin will appear tighter, firmer and smoother as you receive ongoing treatments. Maintenance is suggested to maintain these results. The biggest advantage of Photofacial treatments is that there is no downtime (the skin may, however, be a bit pink for a few hours after the treatment). The procedure improves the general texture and refinement of the skin, but is not effective on deeper wrinkles or frown lines, especially on the forehead, between the brows, “icepick” acne scars or other deep scars.


Stretchmark and scar removal uses the same technology as is done with Laser Resurfacing. A concentrated beam of light targets specific areas of skin. This causes scar tissue to break down and enables cells to repair themselves, effectively diminishing stretchmarks and scars. More than one treatment can be necessary to achieve desired results, however, improvements are frequently visible after the first treatment. 

Laser treatments are not for everyone, if you have very dark skin or a history of keloid scarring, this treatment is not ideal. In these cases, Collagen Induction Therapy can be successful. 

See our trained and certified staff to determine if laser treatments are right for you.


The Vi Peel is a pharmaceutical-grade chemical peel, that is produced by Vitality Institute Medical Products, a manufacturer of medical-grade skin care treatments that are meant to address the signs of aging and common skin damage problems. The company believes that the Vi Peel can help reduce the effects of sun damage and reduce signs of melasma. The main thrust of the Vi Peel is an attempt at reducing the pain and discomfort commonly associated with chemical peels, although results vary between patients.

How Does Vi Peel Work?

As with any facial chemical peel, Vi peel works with a chemical being spread evenly on the skin. The chemical reacts with the skin and creates micro damage that causes skin to blister and peel off, thus removing the top layers of skin to allow new tissue to grow more easily. The damage caused to the skin on the one hand removes older skin cells, and at the same time helps stimulate collagen production, in order to heal the skin faster.

One of the differences between a Vi Peel and other chemical peels is that Vi Peel is contains an anesthetic. This was an attempt to lower patient discomfort during this professional skin care procedure. Patients using Vi Peel usually report feeling a stinging sensation at the beginning of peel, which tends to subside when the anesthetic sets in.

What Areas Can Be Treated by Vi Peel?

Chemical peels, in general, are designed to improve the overall condition of the skin, and can usually be used on many areas of the body. However, it’s important to keep in mind that sensitive areas like the eye lids should be avoided because the skin is too thin, and incorrect application, especially if the peel is not performed by a skin care specialist, can lead to serious skin damage.
Some areas that are commonly treated with Vi Peel include:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Chest

How Many Treatments Are Required?

As with most chemical peels, to maintain the effects of treatment, follow-up procedures are recommended every three to four months. In the initial treatment process, patients can undergo Vi Peel treatments every two weeks. However, rigorous use of the Vi Peel is not recommended as a long-term treatment option. As part of treatment, your doctor or skin care specialist may prescribe a line of professional skin care products that will help you to maintain healthy skin. It normally takes about four days for skin to properly heal from a Vi Peel treatment. During the healing process, skin will slough off and may look flushed or red. You should not put any skin care product on your face besides moisturizer until your skin has completely healed.

Who Can Use Vi Peel?

Vi Peel was originally created by Dr. Kalil of the Vitality Institute to help his daughter get rid of acne. The peel is designed to be used for treating teenage acne as well as acne on aging skin. Vi Peel can usually be used with any skin type, but people with a darker complexion do run a higher risk for hyperpigmentation. Anyone that has a history of skin rashes, allergies, or other reactions to skin care treatments should first consult their doctor or skin care specialist before attempting to use Vi Peel. As with all chemical peels, Vi Peel carries risks of skin damage and a prolonged recovery period, if not applied correctly. It is very important that you tell your doctor ahead of time if you suffer from frequent cold sores, as this could lead to complications. Your doctor may prescribe medication to combat these eruptions before attempting the Vi Peel treatment.